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The 12 Chapters Project

The 12 Chapters Project

The remarkable story of Stone Belt Arc: Founding and development, principles of service, and its significant impact on people with developmental disabilities and the communities of south-central Indiana.

Chapter 1: Why Does Stone Belt Need To Exist?

Chapter 2: The Formation of Stone Belt

Chapter 3: The Transformation of Stone Belt

Chapter 4: Self-Determination is Essential

Chapter 5: Learning Creates Empowerment

Chapter 6: All People Have Contributions to Make

Chapter 7: Positive Supports Create Long-Term Results

Chapter 8: Home-Life Must Be Self-Directed

Chapter 9: Employment is a Fundamental Part of Life

Chapter 10: Relationship & Social Life Create Quality Life

Chapter 11: The Employees' View: From DSP to CEO

Chapter 12: Moving Forward -- Where Are We Headed?

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